WixVs. Shopify: Who Is the Top Ecommerce Website Builder?

WixVs. Shopify

Wix and Shopify, both of them dominate the web hosting market with their powerful reputation. When you want a fully hosted, browser-based ecommerce websites builder, Wix is hands-down a perfect choice. Among top websites builder, Shopify is known to be the best websites builder 2018. So which one comes at top? Is it Shopify or Wix?

Let’s compare the two to find out the winner.

Overall Hosting Comparison

While, Wix comes out as super easy tool due to its drag-and-drop designing. Even most plans of Wixcome with free domain for a year. Wix doesn’t charge users to get started with their platform. Platform enables users a free registration service using Facebook or email. Moreover, you can access 1,000s of ecommerce websites templates and additional tools.

On the other hand, Shopify’s unlimited disk space enables you to showcase your unlimited products. Also, Shopify’s 14-day free trial and hundreds of themes available makes it a well-known ecommerce websites builder.

Clash in Features

Shopify is like a one-stop-shop in ecommerce industry. It has remarkable features including Abandoned Cart Recovery, ability to create manual orders and discount codes. As soon as you upgrade your Shopify’s plan, you’ll unravel many other features as well. This includes detailed reporting and gift cards. Also, you can explore a lot with Shopify’s app store. To name a few, you can set up dropshipping, use currency conversion, and add product reviews.

On the contrary, when you use Wix, it lacks the Abandoned Cart feature. However, big plus of using Wix is its new release of traits all the time. Recently, they launched latest checkout customization feature for users. Yet, Wix has a big hole in its ecommerce offerings, and aren’t as attractive as Shopify.

Design & Themes

Ecommerce websites design matters a lot for your online store. While Shopify themes help you sell more by converting users into buyers. This is because Shopify powers your online store with mobile responsive themes. Regardless of what you’re selling, Shopify will have a theme aimed specifically for your venture.

On the other hand, Wix gets failed to offer an e-store that looks good on mobile. Apart from this weakness, their Ecommerce themes are limited.


If you’re a small retailer, you can use simple interface of Wix. But, if you own a powerful online store where you want to optimize your sales then Shopify themes are made for you.


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