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The 4 Prime Pillars of a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

You’re a new entrepreneur starting a new business. Before investing your cash in leasing a space for your business, you have come across a nice piece. The reading is stating that running an online store is the secret to profitability in the 21st century. Also, the piece presents reliable statistics from Statista a credible online source which indicates e-commerce sales will hit $4.3 trillion by 2021. This information inspires you an urge of trying your leg on the virtual arena.

Well, choosing a reliable e-commerce platform is the first step to making your dreams come true online. As a participant, the decision you make at this stage will determine the future of your business. Regardless of who your e-commerce solutions provider is, your success will depend on several aspects. Here we’ll show you some of the best companies to consider for your e-commerce platform: shopify.com/website/builder

  • User friendliness and experience

The number of visits you receive in your site relies on the feeling and experience of your audience. If a visitor enjoys perusing your site, you are certain they will pay another visit. Also, the opposite is true. Poor experience will lead to fewer visits. As you know, web traffic is the determiner of your sales level. You can be a good dreamer if you sit and expect to make sales without any traffic. Don’t even expect to happen.

Your site user-experience and friendliness are the magnetic forces which determine your sales. A great experience will always pull more visitors. So, when considering an e-commerce platform, always ensure it will offer complete user experience to your target audience. By this, you can expect to drive high sales. 

  • SEO optimization

With the song of SEO optimization becoming a renowned chorus, new entrants are neglecting it. They are thinking of other strategies to enhance their traffic such as social media optimization and marketing. While these approaches are essential, SEO optimization is the king. Generic traffic remains the most effective source of online sales. Visitors finding your site through the search engines have higher chances of becoming buyers than ones coming from other sources.

As such, you must ensure your online store is searchable through the search engines. For this to happen, you need an e-commerce platform that supports SEO optimization. Hence, pay attention to this aspect for you to become a successful webpreneur.

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  • Loading speed and uptime

Imagine visiting a website to purchase a product. On clicking its link, it starts to load. 1 minute is over. Still, the blue circle is rotating. 2, 3, 4, and 5 nothing is happening. Even if patience is your virtue, you cannot wait for a site to load for more than a minute. You are confident you will find other options to get the same product which does not take forever to load. Your e-commerce website loading time is critical to online selling.

Customers will click the red button and check in on to the next site if your website is taking forever to load. Again, your uptime is crucial in the e-commerce sector. Your potential customers should always find your website at any time. For you to have a constant uptime and a high loading speed, you need a reliable e-commerce platform.

  • Customer support services

As you know, technical issues are usually in the virtual arena. No e-commerce platform provider will guarantee you a 100% uptime. This means you will face some challenges in the day to day operation of your website. However, the technical support you receive from your provider at this moment is essential. A reliable e-commerce solution provider must offer constant support through several approaches such as live chats and phone calls.

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